csv import

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    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.42

    - Fixed filter by File field in Link form; - Reworked import from CSV file; - Fixed work of Group field when first detail tab is hidden in Link form; - Document generation speed-up in object; - Fixed error of connection lost while document generation in object, while network work...
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    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.41

    RunaBase 6.0.41 - Fixed color highlighting in Group field in detailing of Object and Link form ([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/vydelenie-cvetom-rabotaet-nekorrektno.1024/#post-4662) - Fixed import from CSV file - Fixed erroneous message about field usage in Table form ([RU]...
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    Import data from .csv file

    To transfer data from external sources to RunaBase, you need to use import from a text file with the .csv extension . This file can be obtained in the most popular office applications: MS Excel, OpenOffice / LibreOffice Calc and others, setting the appropriate type when saving the file. The...
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    Import data from Excel

    Hello... I am a beginner in this area and I have a simple question: How do I Import the data from a Excel (csv) to my Project in Runabase? I've already have a lot of information in Excel and I don't want to type one by one again in Runabase.
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    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.22

    RunaBase 6.0.22 - Fixed error when importing from csv ([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/problema-s-importom-spisok-v-formate-csv.704/) - Improved presentation of icons in the table when the color tint of the rows is on - Fixed display of a text field with a fixed number of lines when hiding...