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  1. Z

    Combining lookup fields into one string?

    Hi, I am new to Runabase. I have the following question. I have a simple table, 'routes' with a combined field 'Route' and 5 lookup fields ('From', 'Via#1', Via#2', 'Via#3' and 'To'). Those 5 get their values from a second table 'places', field 'place'. Now I want to get a unique name of the...
  2. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.37

    - Allowing the shrinking of the list control buttons in the Link form in the network version to minimize the width; - Cancellation of the changes made in the constructor in Link form and Totals form by pressing the cancel button; - Fixed coloring in the Group field in the detailing of the Link...
  3. RSZ-EC

    How can I put an image in a template?

    Hi! I have a File field with a .JPG image in it and I need put that image in a Word template. I tried with the name of the field, but only writes the name of the file, not the image itself. How can I do that? Thanks in advance!
  4. RSZ-EC

    [Question] Is there a way to get first (or last) letters of a [String] field?

    Hi everybody! I need to create a [Composite] (or any other) field with a code using the first three letters from a [String] field. So, if the [String] fields contains "General", I need to automatically get "GEN" in another field. Is there a way to do that (mainly in version 5)? Thanks in advance!
  5. RunaBase

    [5] What's new in RunaBase 5.1.26, Manager 5.1.10 from 1 Jul 2019

    RunaBase v5.1.26 - Added the Capital function to bring the first character in the string to uppercase - Fixed formation of Outlook letters - New function of the Composite field: Split - splitting the line and taking the specified part - New function of the Composite field: Week / week - getting...
  6. RunaBase

    How to split a string value into substrings

    For example, there is a field "Full name", which must be presented in different versions for documents, such as "John Michael Smith" in the document you want to get options "J.M. Smith", "Michael Smith" and others. To do this, use the Split function for the Composite field. Function syntax...
  7. RSZ-EC

    Getting substrings of a 'string' field

    Greetings! Please let me know if this is possible. I'm trying to get two substrings of a 'string' field, separated by a slash character ('/'). For example, in "+3.00/-2.00x0", I want to get "+3.00" in a 'Composite' field and "-2.00x0" in another. How can I do this? Thank you very much as always!