'file' field

  1. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.28, Manager 6.0.5

    RunaBase 6.0.28 - Fixed saving the Postcode field for the "Organization by TIN" operation ([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/ne-zapominaet-indeks-v-organizacii-po-inn.793/) - Fixed the work of the Number field with a copy from the link field in the child list - Fixed work of the Calculation...
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    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.19

    RunaBase 6.0.19 from October 18, 2019 - Fixed keyboard navigation and Delete hotkey ([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/runa-6-ne-rabotajut-klavishi-navigacii.655/) - Focus on the filter when opening the selection form ([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/peredvizhenie-po-filtram.625/) -...
  3. RSZ-EC

    How can I put an image in a template?

    Hi! I have a File field with a .JPG image in it and I need put that image in a Word template. I tried with the name of the field, but only writes the name of the file, not the image itself. How can I do that? Thanks in advance!
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    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.16

    RunaBase 6.0.16 from 16 July 2019 - Linux version; - Added translation into Uzbek language: Cyrillic and Latin (thanks to LilRock) - Fixed translation into Romanian language (thanks to sapsergiu) - Design of the program is transferred to work with windows; - Added document printing settings: by...