Bring a friend - get a month discount


Staff member
Recommend network work and get a month discount on the amount ordered by your friend. If his service equals or exceeds the cost of your service, then this month will be free for you.

For example, you invited a friend who ordered network work for 3 users and 2 of them via the Internet.

If you have 6 users in a local network without access via the Internet, then the cost for you will be (6 + 0) - (3 + 2) = 1.
I. e. the amount of payment for one month for you - for one user (when working 6).

If you have a smaller number of users, for example, 5/0, 4/1, etc., then you should not pay for one month.

Note: if you have several projects working in multiplayer mode, the amount of the discount will apply to the total amount.