Exceeding the 64KB file limit for project images


Can you release a new version that'll allow me to exceed the 64KB file size limit for project images?


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Images in the Resources section are uploaded to use custom images in menu buttons, Switches, and less often to insert the company logo into a document. When connected over the network for the first time, all of them are downloaded to the user's computer. Therefore, their size should not be large. Use image size optimization services like https://imagecompressor.com/.


Not everyone who is looking for a consumer database software, has the same "use case" as yourself or your envisioned users, you know? ;)

What I'm trying to use Runabase to do, is to review lots of different colour apps, more specifically the "find colour by image" apps where I can import any image and automatically have my iphone generate some colours that the app thinks matches the image.

Unfortunately most of the colour selection apps on the iphone (or Apple App Store) are of a shoddy low quality, as they seem to be made as a "weekend project" by teenagers who are trying to bulk up their portfolio at a rapid speed, so they have something to show the universities at a portfolio interview, when a lecturer inevitably asks for their programming portfolio. Also for the ones which are good for most consumers, they are not good for designers like myself.

For the "find colour by image" iphone apps, that automatically output a list of suitable matching colours for any image that's imported, I've noticed the following flaws with such apps.

Generic missing features
  • No CMYK colour picker
  • No manual eyedropper from camera, only automated focus squareno manual
  • Cannot select an image
  • Cannot modify colour after selection
Colour deficiency flaws (when automatically suggesting suitable colours from an image)
  • Can't detect colours from mid-focus objects
  • Cannot re-use photo after eyedropper
  • Colours collected are too saturated
  • Imbalanced proportions of colour spectrum (at selecting a representative or weighted sample of a wide range of colours across the colour spectrum)
  • Minority pinstripe photo image snatcher
  • No CMYK colour picker
  • Only collects pastel colours from image
  • Wildcard Colour Swatch From Overall Image
Now what I want to do, is to embed real photos into my Runabase database, so I can easily review iphone apps, without having to be switching back and forth between different websites and programs, as all the information I'll need to be reviewing, correcting and proof-reading the database records within Runabase (for reviewing iphone apps), it'll have all the relevant information contained in the same database in the same program - Runabase.

And I'm not just trying it out with one type of photo but also lots of different types of photos, ones with different types of lighting, visual noise, fidelity, colour variance and proportional contrast.


Below is examples of what I mean. The first two images I class as good apps and the bottom two as bad.
01.jpg 02.jpg

03.jpg 04.jpg
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Thank you! We are glad that our product helps your work.

Could you attach or email to support@runabase.com a simplified project, how do you use the files that need to be attached to resources? We will study and think about whether it is possible to solve your problem in version 6, and if it is not possible, then we will look for a solution for version 7. The 7th version, which we are currently working on, will further expand the possibilities of building various database structures.


I think there was three aspects which made me use Runabase for my database instead of Airtable that I was using previously.

  1. Side by side large images, along with a description, besides my database, like having a notepad in the sidebar at the other side of the screen, of my database records listing. This seems to be coming in Runabase version 7 but the description plugin (or extension) for Airtable, it only accepts text input (no images).
  2. If I am using a "multiple options" field that Runabase calls a "combination" field, if I am sequentially filling in such a field for each of my entries, while failing to rate two entries correctly for two different records, if I had cloned my field afterwards, to then make modifications to the cloned field, due to the way that Airtable is designed, it can be hard to know which of the options I'd filled in correctly the first time, which ones I'd filled in correctly the second time and which ones are filled in correctly but are redundant as I need to delete those options to only have it in the cloned field, whilst also keeping track of which fields I can remember which were modified relatively recently and which ones were rated relatively further away into the past. Then add to the equation if I had mis-spelled an option or used an option with a redundant name as I didn't need to use that name any more, as I've replaced that one (or two) with a new one, then for this, Airtable doesn't really scale or accommodate for these sorts of situations, due to the way their website is designed, so in that type of use case, it just has bad usability in those situations.
  3. If I have a "multiple options" field on Airtable, that Runabase calls a "combination" field, if I have all the options for it earlier refer to a solely one level hierarchy, to then later change it to a two-level hierarchy of level one and level two, due to the way Airtable's usability is, it then makes it hard for me to know what is what and what is where. It's long to explain without a video screencast as it's even harder to explain in just words, than the previous point. But Airtable's usability breaks down there as well.
That's the short explanation.


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We were not familiar with this service, as, probably, many others.
We are developing our own idea. And in our plans - much more interesting options, compared to what was implemented in the 6th version.
What is planned, we can assume, will fully realize all your desires.
Almost all fields will receive new features, visualization and data arrangement will improve, a combination of visual blocks will be added both within related objects and unrelated ones (there will be no rigid presentation scheme as it is now).
A new document generation tool will be created that will work on all operating systems.
Network access will receive significant improvements in operation and settings. And besides, network access to the database will be opened through a special API (paid service).
And the most interesting thing is that we have developed our own visual interface for working with data, which is ideal for working with infobases.