Feature request: Filtering for when a file field is empty or not


How do I do a filter for whether the file field is empty or not, for a particular table (or object) or record?

Using the [empty] syntax doesn't work as it only works on strings and numerical fields. Can it also be added for the file fields, in the upcoming version 7


Also how can I do this with string fields, as well?
How do I filter the record listing display, by whether the value of a string field, is empty or not?

I know about [empty] from this forum but I can't really guess the opposite like ![empty] which doesn't work.
As we all can see, the operations page of the documentation is missing, while we await for version 7.


Staff member
Indeed, filtering by the File field is sometimes necessary, as well as filtering by non-empty values.
We will add this feature in the next 6.1.9 version.

The syntax for filtering non-empty values will be: [!empty].