How to upgrade to a new version of RunaBase


If it is necessary to update the version in which the first two digits of the version (major and minor) did not change, but only the third (minor change), the installation from the distribution kit can be performed on top of the old program, in the old path.
This completes the program update.

If the first or second digit differs in the new version (for example, switching from 4.5 to 5.0, or from 5.0 to 5.1 or 5.2), then the installation from the distribution kit should be done in the new directory, in no case installing over the old version.
The change of the first (major) digit indicates a major change in the internal mechanism of the program, which can also be focused on further developments incompatible with the old algorithms.
The change of the second (minor) digit indicates changes in the work of the program with the structure of the project, in which it is required to update it.

The project structure stores the version of the program in which it was created. If the project directory is simply copied and pasted to the program with the wrong version, the project will be ignored - its name will not appear in the list of project management form.

To correctly transfer a project with a different major or minor version, it is necessary to export it to the .rpr file in the old version of the constructor, and in the new version, import it from this file.
When importing from an .rpr archive file, the program checks the version in which the project was created and makes all changes to the project structure that have accumulated from the specified version. If necessary, the database is transformed into a new structure.
This operation also serves to force the creation of a project archive in case of errors in the new version of the product. In this case, you can always return to the old version of the program, and provide the archive with the project to us for analyzing the causes of the error.