Question about template output

Ashley Dennison

New member
How can you output a word document with more than the selected record?

For example, if i have Name, Postcode fields, and in my word template I put Name - [Name] - Postcode [Postcode] it only outputs the record selected.


Staff member
Hello, Ashley, and thank you for the interest in Runabase.

Do you need to output records list in a document, instead of one record's data?

If yes, then make changes to the document template: Constructor -> Structure -> (select object/form) -> Templates -> (select template) -> Edit.

To display a list of records, you need tags with the form name:
duplicate block with fields of each record of the main object

where FormName - is you own form's name.

You can attach your example project here.
And also look at the example, there you can see the output of a list of records in a document.