Simple accounting for trading


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Components of the program:
  • counterparty directory - name, contact information, bank details, notes;
  • reference book of goods - name, belonging to the group of goods, calculation of the cost of specified percentages, minimum balance, description;
  • employee directory - a list of persons with personal information who have access to the program and customized access levels;
  • receipts - operations on receipt of goods;
  • invoices - invoice transactions: in order, reserved, canceled and closed;
  • payments - income and expense.
  • counterparty balances - total, from the specified date, for the period;
  • debtors - a list of buyers with a negative balance;
  • balances on goods - current balances, taking into account those put in reserve;
  • movement of goods for the period - with balances at the beginning and end of the period;
  • cut on commodity balances - movement to the specified date and balances;
  • the list of goods with a balance less than the established one;
  • staff turnover - total (taking into account ordered and delivered to the reserve) and for the period;
  • totals according to all reports.
List of documents:
  • invoice;
  • cash and debit cash orders;
  • journals of invoices and payments according to the established filter in the program;
  • journal of goods movement for the period with filters in the MS Excel document.
  • assigning a personal discount to the counterparty;
  • binding payment to the account;
  • display of individual operating data for the employee;
  • visual difference between account states and payment transactions.



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The archive of this project, which has the .rbase extension, can be opened only in the 6th version of the RunaBase. Before the 6th version, the archives had the extension .rpr, which is also understood in the 6th version.
If there is an opportunity to study projects in Russian, then you can download demo versions from the site

We will prepare RunaBase v6 build for Linux in the coming days and post it on the site.