[Translation] 'int' in localization file


When transalating the localization file, from line 511 to 524 ('int0|ent' to 'int5|ent'), I don't know exactly what 'int' mean and in what context is used.

Is it for 'integer'? Could you please show me an example of how it's used?


Staff member
"Int" means phrase "the integer part of the number" in the corresponding case. Should be full word, not abbreviation "ent". Used for functions Num(), NumW()

int0|enteros // e.g. 0,5: 0 enteros 5 décimas
int1|entero // e.g. 1,5: 1 entero 5 décimas
int234|enteros // e.g. 2,5: 3 enteros 5 décimas; 3,5: 3 enteros 5 décimasl; 4,5: 4 enteros 5 décimas
int5|enteros // e.g. 5,5: 5 entero 5 décimas