[Translation] 'Senior' and 'junior' in localization file


New member
When transalating the localization file, there are these words: 'senior' and 'junior'. Are they intended for currency? Are there any other currency defined in RunaBase's formulas beside dollars and euros?

If is not , would be OK if I replace 'senior' with 'dollar' and 'junior' with 'cent'?


Staff member
Yes, 'senior' and 'junior' are intended for money functions: Money(Field), MoneyW(Field), currency(Field), coin(Field).

RunaBase uses national currencies for different countries: the Russian ruble, the Ukrainian hryvnia, the Belarusian ruble, Kazakhstan tenge, etc. If a country uses the dollar as the national currency, then 'senior' should be replaced by 'dollar', 'junior' by'cent'.