What's new in RunaBase 6.0.23

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RunaBase 6.0.23
- Added color setting for the object in the Form of Balance ([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/podkraska-obekta-v-forme-balansa.716/)
- Fixed display of the "Make document" operation button ([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/otobrazhenie-v-forme-obekte-operacii.723/)
- The order of processing Group fields is aligned with the order in the constructor ([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/polja-kombinacija-i-chislo-v-uslovii.724/post-3210)
- For MS Office 2019, fixed replacement of filters and summary (total) fields in an Excel document
- Added processing of fractional values via the dot separator to the Condition field ([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/polja-kombinacija-i-chislo-v-uslovii.724/)
- Added a field-to-field comparison to the Condition field (was: field with value)
- Improved button representation for the "text behind icon" style
- Added setting properties for the Text field in the Form of Links([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/filtr-na-vkladke-dlja-polja-tekst.731/#post-3231)

Not open for further replies.