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  1. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.40

    - Fixed long-time Word document generation in Link form; - Added check for deleting of Object field, that is used in Table form; - Added structure validation before opening Table form; - Fixed field hiding using Group field, if an Object field is used in condition, when resetting object value; -...
  2. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.39

    - Fixed filter by empty switch option; - Fixed the error of output "24.11.-4714" instead of an empty date in the document in the form of results; - Fixed output of constants to a Word document in the form of a link when displaying the main list; - Fixed the output of barcodes in the Excel child...
  3. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.36

    - Fixed error of representing empty date as "" - Fixed copying from the Object field - Fixed copying from a Composite field located on a hidden tab - Fixed visual bug of filters on the tab - Fixed output of constants in a Word document in the form of links when outputting child lists...
  4. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.31

    - In the "Value from previous record" operation, the "Depends on" property was added (depending on the Object field) - Fixed an error when recalculating the Calculation field in the constructor ([RU] - Fixed installation of an...
  5. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.22

    RunaBase 6.0.22 - Fixed error when importing from csv ([RU] - Improved presentation of icons in the table when the color tint of the rows is on - Fixed display of a text field with a fixed number of lines when hiding...
  6. RSZ-EC

    How can I put an image in a template?

    Hi! I have a File field with a .JPG image in it and I need put that image in a Word template. I tried with the name of the field, but only writes the name of the file, not the image itself. How can I do that? Thanks in advance!
  7. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.15

    RunaBase 6.0.15 from 05 June 2019 - New function Split of the Composite field - splitting the string and taking the specified part - Fixed work of the Capital function - Fixed output to a Word document using text fields - Added context menu for the Value property in the Condition field - Fixed...