What's new in RunaBase 6.0.31

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- In the "Value from previous record" operation, the "Depends on" property was added (depending on the Object field)
- Fixed an error when recalculating the Calculation field in the constructor ([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/pereschjot-dannyx-v-tablice.861/)
- Fixed installation of an icon in an object / form placed in a Group (previously, a full case match was required) ([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/predlozhenija-k-uluchsheniju-konstruktora.862/ )
- Fixed deleting files in child lists
- In the "Set field value" operation, you can set the current time for the Time field using the system field [~now]
- In the "Set field value" operation, the Date field was fixed when setting [~today]
- Fixed "Wrong request format" error when changing a custom project entry
- Fixed formatting of the Word template when there are multiple tables
- Fixed the formation of documents when working on the network
- Fixed the error "Cannot define result type for calc field" ([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/ne-rabotaet-formula-raschjotnogo-polja.867/ )
- Fixed saving form sizes and splitter positions ([RU] http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/oshibki-v-versii-6-0-31.871/ )

Not open for further replies.