Feature request: Showing icons in the "link forms" result listing, whilst also allowing define the listing row height


I think this will be my final feature request for today.

How about displaying the image that's been uploaded, within the "link forms", for when the file uploaded is an image, instead of just displaying the file name as a piece of text (or a text string)?

Also with that, I would like to choose in the settings for the "link forms", to decide how tall I want each record on the listing table to be, so that way, the icons (or image uploads) have more space to be displayed within the table listing.

runabase showing records where image file is displayed as a string.png


Staff member
In the 7th version, we plan to add a card view of the list of object records. The card will be a multi-line layout that can hold icons 2 lines high, as well as image previews of any size that will be scaled to the allowed height.
It will also be possible to place a preview of an image of any height anywhere in the post detail (and not just on the right side of the tab).