[Petition] New button ("Save and keep working" type) and add warning at cancelling forms.



1) I'm working on a project that has to have certain security measures, such as the inability to modify an existing record. This is easy to get by unmarking "Edit" and "Delete" options in link form, but then I have a problem: During the creation of a record, sometimes power supply in my office goes off and then I lost all that data. Clicking "Save" button is not a practical solution because the form will close.

So, is it possible to add a third button that allows to save data and continue working on the record? Captions could be "Close" for save and close, "Save" for save and keep working and "Cancel" for close without saving.

2) And there is a way to show a warning dialog when a form contains data and a fool or hurried user (like myself ?) press 'Esc' key by mistake so he doesn't (I don't) lose all his (my) work.

Obviously, if this petition is accepted, is there a way that such changes can be made in both versions? ??

Thanks in advance!


Staff member
Greetings, Rommel!

1) We understood the problem. The idea is interesting. We will take it in version 6.1 (after the release of multi-user support for version 6). We’ll also think about how to implement it. This refinement, although it seems simple, but affects various mechanisms (including the need to take into account the multi-user work).
2) Thanks for the opinion! We agree that the user may accidentally press Esc. I myself sometimes pressed it by mistake, because it is very close with one letter in the Russian keyboard layout (Ё :) ). We will do it in one of the next versions.