When will the documentation be completed?


Hello I'm really liking the Runabase software, I like the genius design and usability that you gave it, which is much better than competing consumer database software, especially as it's impossible to make one as easy to use as a word processor.

But I have one question.
When will the documentation for Runabase be completed? Lots of pages are missing.


Staff member
Hello, desbest!
Thank you very much for appreciating our work! We are really grateful to our users, because they are busy with the creative process, creating different projects in our program.
Concerning the documentation... Now all our time and efforts are spent on the development of a new 7th version of the constructor, which will be significantly different from previous versions. The changes will be so big that it's pointless for us to finish the documentation for the current versions. The 7th version will not be released very soon, but if you wait for it, we hope you will enjoy it.