no-code development platform

Creating programs for maintaining databases without programming

  • Free for individual work
  • A total absence of programming
  • No user interface configuration required
  • Multi-user work in the local network and via the Internet
  • Document generation in Microsoft Office/OpenOffice/LibreOffice
  • Getting data from web services
  • Single and mass SMS sending
  • Options for the representation of numbers, dates, and currencies
  • Opening addresses in map services
  • Attaching files to entries with the ability to output documents
  • Comfortable work on the screens with touchscreen
  • Data export/import via MS Excel, OO/LO Calc, CSV


  • Building databases for storing and retrieving information
  • Accounting systems for individual use and organization
  • Maintaining accounting of receipts, expenditures, and balances
  • Formation of documents from data entries based on templates
  • Storing files and documents associated with each entry
  • Other uses ...


  • Focus on building a business, remove all unnecessary from attention
  • Your program will only have the functionality that is required for work
  • Enjoy the creation of a program simply by folding it out of cubes
  • Change the configuration in online mode, continuing to work with data
  • Forget about programmers and your attempts to explain your needs to them
  • Do not let yourself be fooled by paying for the work of the "black box"


  • Storing data on any desktop computer
  • Upon termination of the use of work on the network - the base remains with you
  • Complete lack of access to data of unauthorized persons
  • Data transmission over the network is carried out using the secure DTLS protocol

Network work

  • Free trial period for study and decision
  • No additional software
  • No special knowledge to start network work
  • Configuring access levels for each user
  • Work with a single database from under Windows, Mac and Linux


  • Document generation in most popular office applications
  • Interaction and data acquisition from external web services
  • Sending single and group SMS messages through multiple providers
  • Opening addresses in map services


  • Customization of the individual and corporate design of the font and background
  • Universal interface and standardized management
  • Work on the screens with any resolution and using the touchscreen
  • Easy to understand and manage - from beginner to experienced

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