To make a payment, click on the panel on the right. You will be redirected to the secure page to choose a payment method.

In the purpose of payment specify:

  • project name;
  • total number of users and via the Internet;
  • validity.

Platform Runabase is a free product for individual use.

If you need to use it in your organization for multi-user access on a local network or via the Internet, then this solution is a paid service.

The cost of network work is determined by the total number of users who have simultaneous access to the database. Those. Runabase can stand on any number of your computers, but no more than the allowed number of people can connect to it at the same time.

If access is allowed only inside the local network, then it is impossible to connect to the database via the Internet. Access from outside the local group is possible with an additional permit to work via the Internet.

For more information on opening multi-user database access, see the Help.

To start a network project, you must tell us via contact form the name of the project and the required number of users. A key will be sent to your e-mail address. For testing, 7 days of free access are provided for network testing.

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