1. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.27

    - Fixed hanging of the SMS mailing form in the absence of entries - Fixed an empty result when sending messages via SMS provider - Minor corrections in the mailing list via SMS provider - Fixed the display of the SMS mailing form - Fixed several Group fields working to...
  2. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.25

    Rune Base 6.0.25 - Added recognition of a number with a thousand separator when pasting from clipboard - Added processing of the "time+number" formula to the Calculation field, result: time - Fixed visual deletion of a field if the user selected "No" in the window that warns about deleting...
  3. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.24

    RunaBase 6.0.24 - Fixed display of Combination field by reference - Fixed changing the order of result fields in the Result form ([RU] - Fixed assigning a value to a field via a Condition in the child list...
  4. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.22

    RunaBase 6.0.22 - Fixed error when importing from csv ([RU] - Improved presentation of icons in the table when the color tint of the rows is on - Fixed display of a text field with a fixed number of lines when hiding...
  5. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.21

    RunaBase 6.0.21 - Fixed processing of the ~User system field in document templates when working on the network - Fixed a bug in the calculation of final calculations with other final calculations in the formula in the Form of Results ([RU]...
  6. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.20

    - Improved data scrolling - Closing the selection window by Shift-Escape - Improved presentation of filters in the object selection dialog - Fixed calculation of periods ([RU] - Fixed display...
  7. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.19

    RunaBase 6.0.19 from October 18, 2019 - Fixed keyboard navigation and Delete hotkey ([RU] - Focus on the filter when opening the selection form ([RU] -...
  8. RSZ-EC

    Height of secondary windows in RunaBase version 6

    In version 6 is it possible to adjust the height of secondary windows as in version 5? In the new version, all forms go from top to bottom of the primary window and in some cases, is annoying trying to work that way. Thanks!