'calculation' field

  1. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.16

    RunaBase 6.0.16 from 16 July 2019 - Linux version; - Added translation into Uzbek language: Cyrillic and Latin (thanks to LilRock) - Fixed translation into Romanian language (thanks to sapsergiu) - Design of the program is transferred to work with windows; - Added document printing settings: by...
  2. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.12

    RunaBase 6.0.12 from 19 Apr 2019 - Added the Capital function to bring the first character in the string to uppercase - Added SMS gateway textlocal.com - Fixed the operation of the Calculation field for calculating the difference between dates in the English format - Fixed translation to Latin...
  3. RunaBase

    [5] What's new in RunaBase 5.1.24

    RunaBase 5.1.24 from 12 Apr 2019 - Added SMS gateway textlocal.com; - Added check for the integrity of the archive; - Fixed opening of the form if there is a field behind the Caption, with the New Line property: no; - Prohibition of going beyond the bottom edge of the screen; - Fixed work of a...
  4. RSZ-EC

    [Period] field calculation

    Hi everybody! As I'm the first here and this is the first post I should congratulate the authors for this great software! Now to my problem: When I use 'Period' field in an object to calculate the age of a person, the result I get is useful for me, because I only need years and months. But...