What's new in RunaBase 6.0.18

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RunaBase 6.0.18 from October 7, 2019
- Fixed a bug with the work of Calculation fields in forms (https://runabase.com/forum/threads/no-calculations-done-when-using-values-in-hidden-tabs-in-forms.27/)
- Fixed bug of moving the cursor to the beginning of the line when the "Copy of" property is enabled
- Replacing the Esc key with Shift + Esc in the dialogs (https://runabase.com/forum/threads/petition-new-button-save-and-keep-working-type-and-add-warning-at-cancelling-forms.30/)
- Changed the behavior of the Tab key in the Text field to change focus
- Added warning when deleting fields when editing an object
- Fixed the work of the Date field in the Condition field (from Russian forum: http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/pole-uslovie.645/)
- Added processing of the Composite field in the Condition by the value in the calculations of the result fields of Form of Results (http://runabase.ru/forum/threads/forma-itogov-otchjot-za-neskolko-periodov.650/)
- Icons from resources are not case sensitive now

Multi-user project Manager 6.0.1 beta.
You can help us in testing multi-user work on a LAN and via the Internet.
Write us a request by email support@runabase.com, and write the name of your project, to which you need to open access.
Testing period of the network name is 1 month.

IMPORTANT: the work of network projects can be suspended for a certain period of time due to bug fixes or improvements. Also, a mandatory update of both the server part (Manager) and client applications (RunaBase) may be required.

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