1. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.16

    RunaBase 6.0.16 from 16 July 2019 - Linux version; - Added translation into Uzbek language: Cyrillic and Latin (thanks to LilRock) - Fixed translation into Romanian language (thanks to sapsergiu) - Design of the program is transferred to work with windows; - Added document printing settings: by...
  2. Anti

    Test project to check number/date functions for Spanish

    Hi, RSZ-EC! We made some corrections in version 5.1.25 related to number/date functions for Spanish. In particular: In Spanish, round values such as '$20' is 'veinte dólares', '$30' is 'treinta dólares' all the way until '$90' ('noventa dólares'), but aside those values, all numbers from '$21'...
  3. RunaBase

    What's new in RunaBase 6.0.12

    RunaBase 6.0.12 from 19 Apr 2019 - Added the Capital function to bring the first character in the string to uppercase - Added SMS gateway - Fixed the operation of the Calculation field for calculating the difference between dates in the English format - Fixed translation to Latin...
  4. RunaBase

    [5] What's new in RunaBase 5.1.24

    RunaBase 5.1.24 from 12 Apr 2019 - Added SMS gateway; - Added check for the integrity of the archive; - Fixed opening of the form if there is a field behind the Caption, with the New Line property: no; - Prohibition of going beyond the bottom edge of the screen; - Fixed work of a...
  5. RSZ-EC

    [Translation] Translating strings with '1' suffixes in localization file to Spanish

    When transalating the localization file to Spanish, in lines 380 ('years1|years1'), 384 ('months1|months1'), 388 ('days1|days1') and all others ending in '1' that this situation could apply, there are differences when they are pronounced in Spanish. Allow me to explain: In Spanish, single nouns...
  6. RSZ-EC

    [Translation] 'ten' and 'hundred' strings in localization file

    When transalating the localization file, from lines 515 to 522 ('ten0|ten0' to 'hundred5|hundred5') I don't know in what context these strings are used. To me, previous lines 456 to 482 ('ten|ten' to 'nine hundred|nine hundred') are already used for values from 10 to 999. It's a particular case...
  7. RSZ-EC

    [Translation] 'int' in localization file

    When transalating the localization file, from line 511 to 524 ('int0|ent' to 'int5|ent'), I don't know exactly what 'int' mean and in what context is used. Is it for 'integer'? Could you please show me an example of how it's used?
  8. RSZ-EC

    [Translation] 'Senior' and 'junior' in localization file

    When transalating the localization file, there are these words: 'senior' and 'junior'. Are they intended for currency? Are there any other currency defined in RunaBase's formulas beside dollars and euros? If is not , would be OK if I replace 'senior' with 'dollar' and 'junior' with 'cent'?