The object is a basic element of the project structure and it is a table in the database where user information is stored.
To create an object in the project structure, use the Create button, which opens the list of structural elements. First in the list is the object:

Adding an object to the project structure

In the construction mode of a project, properties are set for an object and a data structure is formed from a list of predefined field types:

Setting object properties and adding fields

The following properties are set for the object:
- Prefix and object name. Together they make up the full name of the object that is used to refer to it. Prefixes are not displayed in the project menu. The maximum prefix length is 10 characters.
- The condition for displaying an object to open it in the project menu. The prohibition to display in the menu does not affect the opening of an object by reference from another object.
- Set sorting by one or two fields (ascending or descending).
- The name of the group where the object opening button will be placed. Setting the property creates a group at the beginning of the project menu, where the object opening button is placed. If the group name of different objects is the same, then all these objects are placed in one group. Groups in the menu are arranged in the same sequence in which they appear in the list of constructor objects.
- Tab names that replace numeric numbering, separated by commas.

At the bottom of the form there are three tabs:
- toolbox, which includes a list of predefined field types in the view of icons;
- a list of custom fields of the object;
- properties of the selected field.
Adding fields from the toolbox is done by double-clicking or dragging the field type to the desired position in the list of custom fields. The order of the fields is also changed by dragging the field to a new position.

Setting the fields in the object

In the view of the project structure, in the lower part a list of custom fields and the specified properties of the selected field are displayed (unset properties are hidden):

Object structure in view mode

On the "Initial entries" tab, entry templates are created that will be automatically added to the object when it is set as a child with a subordinate link type for link form:

Source data for the child object

In the mode of working with data, the object is visually a list of entries in the left part of the window, and in the right part - a full detail of the data of the currently selected entry.

Work with object data

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