Fields that perform assistive functions in the program:

– link to field
– label
– hint
– paint
– group
– condition
– sms

The basic properties of the fields are described on the page Fields. Below is a description of the specific properties for each field.

— Link to field

Link to the field of another object.

Additional properties of a file type field
  • Object: object of the current database;
  • Field: the displayed field of the source object.

Link to field is not editable and contains data from the specified field of the source object. When changing data in the source, the value of this field will also change accordingly.

When a field is added to the [Link form], additional settings become available for it, corresponding to the type of the field to which the link is established, regardless of the nesting depth of the links.

— label

Display labels in detail.

Additional properties of a label type field
  • Color: label color.
  • Note
    The label is displayed only on the details tabs.

The color can be selected using the right button in the color selection dialog, or manually set using the hexadecimal color masks RGB (#RGB / #rrggbb) or RGBA (with transparency).

If the field name value is set to "---" or "===" (excluding the prefix), then it is replaced by a single or double dividing line.

— hint

Tooltip in the list of object / form records with the ability to collect data from other fields.

Additional properties of a hint type field
  • Formula: a text field with a formula for constructing content based on data from other fields with HTML 4 markup support.
  • Note
    The tooltip appears only in the list of entries.

The field is displayed as an icon in the table, when you click on it, a pop-up window opens with data built according to the specified formula.
Web-links and e-mail addresses written using the <a> tag, are highlighted and open the specified web pages and e-mail addresses in external (default) system programs.
For the <img> tag, the use of icons from project images is allowed.

— paint

Setting the color of the entry in the object / form list depending on the conditions.

Additional properties of a paint type field
  • Color: the background color of the row in the list of entries;
  • Condition: conditions for applying the color, separated by commas and acting on the principle of AND.

The color can be selected using the right button in the color selection dialog, or manually set using the hexadecimal color masks RGB (#RGB / #rrggbb) or RGBA (with transparency).

The number of color fields in the object is unlimited.

The following types of fields can be used in a color condition:
– Switch, Object reference, Composite: = (equal to),!= or <> (not equal);
– Number, Calculation: = (equal to), != or <> (not equal), > (greater than), >= (greater than or equal to), < (less than), <= (less than or equal to).

The Paint fields are processed in the order they are placed in object fields list. If the first field with valid conditions is found, all other fields are not processed.

To tint lines in the Result form, you can specify the names of calculated and total fields ( that are added in the Result form) in the Paint condition.

— group

Locking, hiding and tinting fields in detail depending on conditions.

Additional properties of a group type field
  • Background: background color of the field in detail;
  • Condition:
    • background: condition for color painting;
    • blocking: condition for blocking a field in edit mode;
    • hiding: condition for hiding the field when viewing and editing.

If the color selection condition is not defined, the background is always colored.

Conditions are comma-separated and apply the principle of AND.

— condition

Determining the conditions for setting a value for a field or blocking of saving an entry with a messagebox.

Additional properties of a condition type field
  • Active: enabling or disabling the field action;
  • Condition: under what conditions the action will be performed;
  • Execution:
    • Assign value to field: specifies the Field to assign a value to, and a Value that can be another field or a fixed value;
    • Block saving of the entry: specifies the text of the Message that is shown when user tries to save the entry.

    The condition fields in the object are processed to the last one in the order they are placed.

    — sms

    Sending a single SMS through a given provider.

Additional properties of a sms type field
  • Source data: :
    • Phone: a field that contains the phone number of the recipient;
    • Gateway: field of the SMS gateway of the recipient;
    • Text: field containing the text to send;
  • Result to (optional):
    • Date, Time: date and time fields where the date and time of sending are placed;
    • Result: a string field where the response of the SMS gateway about the sending result is placed.

When working with data, a button is displayed on the right side of the field, which opens a window with recipient data and message text. The "Send" button attempts to send a message, the result of which is recorded in the date, time and result fields. When you send the SMS message again, the result data is overwritten.

If the result field is not set, after sending the message a window opens with this information.

For more information about setting up SMS gateways, see the SMS sending form.

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