Field types are divided into two main groups: stored in a database and performing additional functions.
Object fields serve to perform the following functions:
- enter user data;
- conversion and processing of the entered data;
- design and management of appearance;
- performance of additional actions.
Creating fields is done in the structure of object, which is the basic element of project structure. Adding is done by dragging the desired field type to the specified position of the field list, or by double-clicking to the end of the list. The order of the fields is also changed by dragging and dropping to the desired position.

Add field to object structure

The specified order of the fields determines their placement on tabs with detail in the mode of working with data (viewing and editing).

Add field to object structure

Almost all fields have a common set of basic properties:
- prefix and name: together make up the full name of the field, which is specified when using the field in other fields, operations or document templates (the prefix is not displayed in the mode of working with data);
- field visibility: in the list and in the details, or only in the details (hidden from the list);
- tab details, which will display the field;
- the condition of placing the field on a new line or following the previous field on the same line;
- tooltip for the field when you hover the mouse over the field.

For all fields, there are additional properties, and extensions or exclusions of basic properties are possible.

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